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12-04-2019 10:20:43

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19-03-2019 21:02:02

Recognizing the 12 Hour along with 24-Hour Time Methods
There are two primary strategies for telling the time: the 12-hour and the 24 hour. In the united states, civilians make use of the 12 hour clock where the day has been divided into two sections: the 1-2 hours from midnight (ante meridiem -- a.m.), and also the 1-2 hours from noon to midnight (post meridiem -- p.m.). Beneath the 24-hour clock platform, the hrs of the day run 0-23, midnight to midnight. Mid-night is 00:00 as well as also the previous minute of the afternoon is 23:59. Mid-night is also sometimes left as 24:00 to indicate the end of the afternoon. So as an example, you might say that Thursday ends in 24:00 tonight, and Friday begins at 00:00