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16-04-2018 05:30:17

There's cool, Converse shoes Fashion and then there's Converse cool. Trends come and go, but Converse sneakers are always where it's at. If laid-back kicks feel truer to you than regular shoes, rock this unique US label.

Ready to get Converse Men shoes Big Promotion schooled on this old-school player? You don't need a history lesson to know this authentic tastemaker has been a best-seller for generations, but maybe you're fuzzy on its all-American athletic roots. Born in 1908 just a few miles from the birthplace of America's revolution, Converse began as a Massachusetts rubber shoe company with galoshes, then pivoted to go all-in on basketball shoes. Its original b-ball sneakers hit courts in 1917 during the new sport's first big growth spurt. Rubber-soled and canvas-wrapped above the ankle, these legendary pairs were renamed All Stars in 1920. But who's Chuck Taylor? Converse's first super fan. A former high school star, Chuck ran hoop clinics and smooth-talked his way into a gig advising the brand about shoe design. He took the canvas classics to the streets and painted a picture few could resist, so much so that in 1932 Converse renamed the sneaker line Chuck Taylor All Star and slapped its now trademark circle logo on the side. Ringed vents also were added to increase coolness in both senses.

You don't mess with Converse women shoes New arrivals perfection. Over the decades, Converse sneakers haven't changed much but became all the rage just the same. By the 1960s, seemingly every pro baller sported Chucks. But then just as many fans started claiming them - plus the low-cut Oxford and Jack Purcell sneaker variations - as everyday options. Soon you were more likely to see Converse's high-top and low-cut kicks at classes, concerts, parties, galleries, and skateboard parks. Especially in the 90s, the kind of idols wearing Converse reversed - rock gods replaced sports stars, as the versatile lines struck a chord more with artists. Creative spirits and freethinking souls of every kind turned these one-of-a-kind rides into personal statement makers.

Today, it's no Converse shoes Best Price different. Rock out or chill out. Kick back or spring forward. Get down or rise up. Converse sneaks come in endless colors, patterns, and designs so you can pick the pair that perfectly matches your unique vibe. Alter them with your own artistic mark, wear them loose and ragged, or just keep 'em tight and clean.