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16-04-2018 08:58:52

At present, the photo paper market is confused, some illegal merchants reduce the production cost in order to seek the high profits, so that the quality of the paper is mixed, and the consumer can not distinguish which is better. Here, introduce several simple methods to identify the paper. First, take the photo paper out from the package, then unfold and wait for half an hour to see whether or not the paper is up or down. If there is a serious rise, it proves that the paper is not qualified and influence the paper feed. This is mainly because there is a great relationship between the positive and negative coating of the wholesale photo paper and the quality of the coating and the control of the temperature of the production workshop.
If there is a scratch or black spot on the surface of the paper. If the surface appears such conditions, it proves that the paper is not qualified. Because the coating workshop used by the high quality photo paper manufacturer is a dust free workshop. Under normal circumstances, the coating surface will not appear scratches and black spots. Only the small factory will have the above situation.
Watch the smooth and flatness on surface. Good paper touches smooth on surface. And plastic texture of photo paper company is dry state. Use fingers to dip water, coating on the paper coating, such as smooth indicates that the paper coating is qualified. If a smooth or sticky hand feel that the surface coating quality of the paper surface is not good, waterproof performance will not be too good.
Identify whether it belongs to colloidal or powdery coating. It is divided into colloidal and powdery coating in the coating of the photo paper factory. The coating cost is high, the smoothness, tightness, color reduction, and waterproof are far superior to the powdery coating. The identification method can fold inside the top corner of the paper and fold several times along the joint. Then the joint is extended.