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17-04-2018 10:02:16

afforestation quality began to move toward comprehensive the right path, gained remarkable success. In afforestation of our country battalion quality management job obtains a series of Diy Handrail On Concrete Stairs result while, our country forestry obtained great progress. Current, area of completely state-owned forest land achieved 133 million hectare, its go-between is versed in Lin Baocun area achieved 4600 much hectare, 30.38% what have forest

land area, first what reside the world; Diy Cheap Tall Planters The forest is enclothed rate by found a state earlier 8.6% rise 16.55% present, area of silvan natural resources and save up capacity appeared double growth. Especially in recent years, artificial afforestation checks percent of pass of rate, area, survival rate, save rate and Lin Hefei of Yo of seal a moutain pass to sow afforestation effect rate to maintain composite material rocking chair respectively in 95% ,

90% , 75% , 70% , 40% with the above of state specified standards of 25% , and year after year is firm in have add, level of state of some area far outclass. Quality issue is general whole process of process of afforestation of consist in battalion and even forestry work, quality problem decides the success or failure of cost of wood plastic composite battalion afforestation, involve the overall situation that forestry develops. We see, what world