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07-06-2019 12:18:38

Passwords are the gateway to the email accounts of customers. Along with the user name the password acts as a primary key to the account i.e. this combination provides a unique identity to each and every account holders as no two account holders have the same user name and/or password. Yahoo has a dedicated team working on password recovery – Yahoo password recovery.

30-05-2019 13:51:07

When creating a password for any website or account, it is necessary to keep certain things in mind. Any negligence in making your account vulnerable to hackers and which can affect your associated accounts. In order to keep your account safe and secure, it is more than necessary to create a strong password for your account.

27-05-2019 11:51:03

Yahoo is one of the oldest multinational technology company known for its varied products and services which include a Search engine, Yahoo Search, and Yahoo web portal such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Finance and especially Yahoo Mail. Apart from the above, Yahoo is also known for offering advertizing services, video sharing, and online mapping to its users.  Read more: 5 Amazing Yahoo Statistics And Facts

24-05-2019 10:20:38

During the second half of 2016, Yahoo reported a major data breach which affected over 500 million users. And in December, it revealed another hack affecting 1 billion accounts then but later updated it to a record number of 3 million users. It is considered as the biggest data breach of the 21st century. The attack exposed names, email address, date of birth, telephone numbers, encrypted password and unencrypted security questions of the users. If you are one of the victims, then here is the immediate action-list to secure your account.

01-04-2019 11:34:53

Yahoo! offers an additional layer of security through the two-step verification process. Some users like the feature while others find in troublesome to enter two verification passwords on every sign in. Here is a guide for both types of users to enable and disable two-step verification in their Yahoo! Mail account.