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1. How do I record a video onto an SD card?
Once a Micro-SD card is inserted into Active-i, the card will automatically become the default memory storage for the video.
2. How do I transfer video from Active-i to my PC?
Power OFF the Active-i and plug the USB cable to the Active-i and then connect to the PC. The Blue and Red LED will light up and the computer will recognize Active-i as a USB storage disk. You can now copy any files onto your computer.
3. How do I charge the Active-i battery?
Make sure Active-i is turned off. Plug the USB cable to Active-i and then connect to the PC. The Blue & Red LED will flash indicating that Active-i is charging.  The light will stop flashing when the battery is fully charged. Always remove the viewer when charging.
4. How do I play the video files on a computer?
Media programs such as Windows Media Player or Quick Time can play avi video files.
5. When I capture a specific frame of a video, can I open it with a photo viewing or editing program such as Paint, iPhoto or Photoshop?
You can open in any viewing or editing program that supports avi format.
6. I accidentally deleted a file. Can I get it back?
No, once a file has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved.
7. Is Active-i compatible with Mac Computers?
Yes, but the web-cam and Date-Time sync feature are not available on a Mac.
8. Why wont Active-i  turn off?
If the device freezes, press the Reset button using pin shaped object to reset it. (check Instructions Manual)
9. Why does the Active-i turn off when I boot it up?
The battery may be low or the Memory may be full.  When battery is low on
Active-i, it must be recharged. When the memory is full, delete unwanted files or use a new Micro-SD card.
10. Where can I find the web camera?
You can find it under My Computer in Windows XP environment.
11. Where can I find Date and Time Sync software and updates for my Active-i?
Please visit here to download the file.

12. I cannot record more than 2 seconds, and the words "Too slow card" appear on the LCD viewer. What should I do?
This is due to a wrong formatting of the product. You simply need to format it
properly. (check Instructions Manual)

13. My LCD viewer doesn't work, the screen is black. What can I do?
The LCD viewer is not plugged properly. Push it until you hear a "click".

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