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Itself Would Likely Have Soccer Shoes Got Him A One-match Ban

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;Uruguay had two paths they could take heading into Luis Suarez's disciplinary <a href="">soccer cleats for sale</a> committee meeting. They could effectively throw themselves on the mercy of the court. This meant acknowledging the bite, apologizing for the incident -- to Giorgio Chiellini and in public -- while also (perhaps) mitigating the extent of it.Or they could have taken on a defense that basically amounted to: "You can't prove anything. And, besides, Chiellini isn't a good guy."In some ways, the former option was precluded to them within an hour of the final whistle. Suarez himself minimized the incident, talking about how it was standard penalty-area fare. And his captain, Diego Lugano, appeared to question whether the bite every really took place.That may <a href="">Nike Football Boots Outlet</a> have been Uruguay's first mistake. Some clearer thinking initially -- like that of their coach Oscar Washington Tabarez, who simply said he hadn't seen it and couldn't comment -- could have bought them time to pursue the admission/apology route.Not that it would have spared Suarez a ban. Admission would have meant that he should have been sent off, and that in itself would likely have got him <a href="">mercurial vapor 9</a> a one-match ban. Then you'd throw in the nature of the incident, his prior record and the degree to which the committee bought his contrition, and you might have ended up with something between two and four games and no ban from all football activities.Maybe.Instead, Uruguay chose the hard-line option (or, as I said, it was chosen for them by some of the statements after the match). The problem with this stance -- in addition to not getting <a href="">soccer shoes for sale</a> mitigation through admission of guilt -- is that it's an all-or-nothing strategy. They either buy the idea that nothing of note happened or they don't. And if they don't, they throw the book at you.It's not about FIFA needing to definitely prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Suarez bit Chiellini. This is not a court of law, it's a sporting jurisdiction. They have the freedom to operate on circumstantial evidence and the balance of probabilities. Suarez (of all people) should have known that, because it was <a href="">Adidas Football Boots</a> a similar situation in the Patrice Evra case. And that's why the hard-line defense backfired.</p>

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Re: Itself Would Likely Have Soccer Shoes Got Him A One-match Ban

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Re: Itself Would Likely Have Soccer Shoes Got Him A One-match Ban

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