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The end of Wimbledon brought with it a lot of focus on one individual player and his standing in the game. Novak Djokovic saw off Roger Federer for his third championship at SW19 and with that final forehand it was determined that the era of the Big Four is over. Now it's the era of the Big One Air Jordan Retro For Sale Free Shipping , they say.

That might be true. Federer, Nadal and Murray have slipped, while the Serbian carries on as normal and normal for him is winning tennis matches. There's also the fact that the next generation are not yet fit to lace the shoes of Federer et al and the undoubted potential of the generation after, such as Nick Kyrgios, remains raw and they still have a lot of growing up in public to do. Djokovic has the opportunity Air Jordan Shoes For Sale Free Shipping , if he stays injury free and can conquer the mental aspect of his game, to deservedly dominate for years to come. This was the world No.1's ninth career Grand Slam victory and he is only 28.

Good for Djokovic. He deserves that. He comes across as a thoroughly nice guy, ball girl incidents aside, and someone who thoroughly enjoys his tennis. That doesn't mean that the focus should be on him, though. There is someone else who deserves the limelight and that is the champion of the women's singles Air Jordan For Sale Free Shipping , Serena Williams.

Williams won her sixth Wimbledon title. It was her 21st career Slam, which put her one behind Open-era record holder Steffi Graf and three behind all-time title holder Margaret Court. She currently holds all Grand Slam titles, a feat she managed in 2002-03 that was dubbed the "Serena Slam" back then and has been given another airing now. Another title at Flushing Meadows in early September will give her a Grand Slam, of all four majors in a calendar year. Williams may be 33-year-old but the distance between her and the rest of the field would be measured in laps in other sports.

She became the oldest No.1 in WTA history in 2013 and she is still there two years later. On Saturday she became the oldest ever winner of a women's singles title at a major in the Open era. Not only is Serena smashing age

expectations, she has done this while also being an African-American -woman. Just think how much her talent and achievements would be revered if she was a white man.

She has fought against the odds with good grace and exceptional tennis. It's about time the girl from Compton gets the mainstream love she deserves.

SAN FRANCISCO Jordan Retro For Sale Free Shipping , Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- Alaska Native languages are most likely to be extinct or dormant by the end of the 21st century unless action is taken to save them, a new report released by a committee of the state in the most northwestern part of the United States said.

The Anchorage Daily News Sunday quoted the 2018 report of the Alaska Native Language Preservation and Advisory Council as saying that the Alaska Native languages are in a "linguistic emergency."

"If current rates of decline were to continue as they have been since the 1970s, all Alaska Native languages may lose their last fluent speakers by the end of the 21st century," the report said.

The council, established by the state legislature in 2012 to preserve and restore Alaska Native languages Jordan Shoes For Sale Free Shipping , urged Alaska Governor Bill Walker to make a state policy to preserve, promote and develop those languages.

At the time of statehood in 1959, there were 20 indigenous languages spoken within the boundaries of Alaska, all of which, in addition to English Cheap Air Jordan Retro For Sale , were recognized as official languages of the state.

Most of these languages belong to one of two large language families -- Eskimo-Aleut and Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit.

Currently, all of those Native languages have "suffered an ongoing loss in the number of speakers over the past 40 years," the council said in its biennial report.

The Tsetsa'ut language lost its last fluent speaker in the early 1930s, and another language, Eyak Cheap Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , lost its last fluent speaker in 2008, it noted.

The council warned that the number of people who actually speak the languages has falled, though the Alaska Native population has grown since 1980.

While the central Yup'ik and Inupiaq are the two most spoken Alaska Native languages, other languages such as Haida, Tsimshian Cheap Air Jordan For Sale , Han, and Upper Tanana, now have fewer than 10 speakers each in Alaska, said the council.

BEIJING, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- China said Wednesday that Cold War thinking would undermine joint efforts to seek a proper resolution for the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and create a division in the international community.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made the remarks at a routine press briefing when asked to comment on the Vancouver meeting Cheap Jordan Retro For Sale , which calls for maximum pressure on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to force it to end its nuclear and missile programs.

"The 20-nation gathering hosted by the United States and Canada in the name of United Nations Command apparently reflects their Cold War thinking," Lu said.

He reiterated that to convene a meeting where major parties to the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue were not included would not help in the creation of an appropriate resolution on the issue.

Lu said the main channel for handling and resolving the nuclear issue on the peninsula should still be the framework of the six-party talks and the UN Security Council.

"China has always persisted in resolving the peninsula nuke issue through dialogue and consultation," he said, reaffirming China's position on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

"The crux of the Korean Peninsula nuke issue is the security issue," Lu said. "Only through dialogue can the parties concerned address their legitimate security concerns and find an effective way to peacefully solve the issue."

"Currently Cheap Jordan Shoes For Sale , the north and the south of the Korean Peninsula have been resuming dialogues and contact," he said, calling on all parties concerned to value.


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