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levels of mastery

In looking at Tenet #5 -- Choose to Take Divine Right Action and Choose to Love Making the Effort Philip Rivers Chargers Jersey , Even More Than the Materialization of the Goal, let's note the following excerpt:

Inspiration combined with consistent Divine Right action is still the fastest pathway to success.
Visions, dreams, intentions, and words are powerful. Each of these gives passion, direction, and inspirational fuel to create magical and wondrous experiences.

However, a dreamer that refuses to take hold of the rope and climb is but a dreamer not an achiever.

An athlete that aspires to win a gold medal can absolutely improve their skills and become a better athlete using the law of attraction. However, they must still do the work of practicing their sport.

We want to teach our children that *work* and *effort* are not dirty words. We want them to love to be industrious. We want them to want to be pro-active; to take initiative, be inquisitive, and to investigate and be willing to follow their inspiration by taking action and putting forth an effort.

I feel a need to explain the problem with the Law of Attraction, as most beginner's experience it.

To successfully harness the power of your mind, intentional thought alone is not enough nor is action alone.

In my experience, many Law Of Attraction students discover the idea that all we have to do is 'think' upon what we desire and it will come to us. In theory, this is true - 'What you think about you bring about.'

However, how often do we really think *one* thought?

Or, do we have many thoughts simultaneously?

Isn't it more likely that we stroll down mental tangent lane picking up both positive and negative support for our *one* thought?

It's been estimated that Americans, for example, speak an average of 125 words per minute in a normal conversation. However, the average speed at which we listen translates to 400 - 500 words per minute.

Who's making up those extra words?

At the end of a day, an average thinker has thought 12,000 thoughts and a very deep thinker has thought 50,000!

Anyone care to write out what those thoughts were?

Do you see the challenge?

When we speak our affirmation, underneath those words are potentially hundreds of connected thought-neurons calibrating our frequency according to the collective influence of both that singular intention and our current internal map.

The topography of our internal map is comprised of the zillions of thoughts that we've accepted throughout our lives.

The challenge therefore is to find a way to minimize or release the negative beliefsthoughts on our map and replace them with supportive beliefsthoughts while consistently taking action in the direction of our dreams.

This tenet is critical to fully embracing the power of your mind because without taking Divine Right Action, I guarantee that you will be disappointed with the unhurried response from the Universe.

We must not only teach our children to focus upon what they desire and upon positive supporting thoughts but we must teach them to love effort and to love taking action.

Here's one example - Meditation.

One action that will support you and your children in aligning your thoughts with the essence of your unlimitedness is meditation.

Choose to meditate in your living room (where you are sure to be seen and disturbed) daily. We want our children to see us meditating.

I know what you might be thinking:

"I can't meditate. I've tried it and it doesn't work for me. I can't get my mind to quiet down! And, in my living room no less?! I certainly can't meditate with all that noise and distraction?! Besides, how does she expect me to get my children to meditate?"

Tenet # 5 in teaching your children the power of their mind is to Choose to Love Taking Action.

I'm suggesting to you that you choose to *love* taking the action of meditation.

Meditation is always in alignment with Divine Right Action - always. It's one thing you can do to demonstrate how to intentionally harness the power of Peace and the Presence of the Divine, as your primary directive. And, you'll be demonstrating the act of choosing to *love* taking action!

Choosing to meditate is an action that once practiced becomes a habit (remember tenet #4, excellence is not an act but a habit). Once you practice the habit of meditation repeatedly you will obtain mounting levels of mastery that will forever influence your ability to do everything in your life with greater awareness, ease, flow, and effortlessness.

Active meditation requires commitment. It requires that you choose to meditate even when you think repeatedly, "I can't meditate. I can't stop my thoughts! Meditation just doesn't work for me!"

Set yourself up to meditate in the living room every day where your children can see you intentionally quieting your mind. In spite of the disturbances, you'll learn to meditate and they'll learn to honor your request for quiet respect.

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you will ever learn to intentionally transform your life for permanent peace and fulfillment. Take Divine Right Action and start meditating. Make a commitment to do it every day for the rest of your life, even if it's just a few minutes a day, and even if you 'never' get it quite right.

This tenet is not about meditation but about teaching our children that 'effort' is important and that we choose to actually *love* effort.

We want them to understand Wu Wei - (an important Taoist tenet known as effortl

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