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forest products imports

tons, amplitude 28.30% . Annual forest products imports total value to amount to ten billion nine hundred and fifty-seven million dollar, amplitude 13.02% . Among them, entrance wood plastic ground reinforcement tiles lumber kind product (contain log, sawn timber, man-made board to wait) total value 3.92 billion dollar, amplitude 18.38% ; Total value of entrance newspaper, pulp, waste paper 7.037 billion yuan, amplitude 10.22% . One, log entrance

Plant from material the structure looks: It is needle leaf log import growth is rapid, import volume achieves fifteen million seven hundred and eighty thousand three hundred stere, buy porch flooring online 64.85% what occupy log to import an amount, increase six million six hundred and thirty-eight thousand four hundred stere than 2001, amplitude 72.62% . 2 was 2002 intertropical log imports two million one hundred and eighty-eight

thousand four hundred stere, than going up year drop 15.42% . 3 it is the other log such as beech, annatto, camphorwood imports a quantity to drop considerably, fall achieve cost for red cedar privacy fencing respectively 20.01% , 17.04% , 91.25% (see a table 2) . From the entrance origin state does not look: Import log from Russia forteen million eight hundred and six thousand three hundred stere, 60.85% what occupy entrance log gross, compared


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