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BEIRUT nike air max 96 LOW QUALITY PRODUCT , June 16 (Xinhua) -- The Lebanese parliament ratified on Friday a new electoral law based on proportional representation and 15 districts despite some objections.

The cabinet of Prime Minister Saad Hariri had approved the law during a cabinet session Wednesday, ending months of tense discussions and paving the way for the first parliamentary elections in nine years.

The deal comes after a stalemate that has seen the country's parliament extend its term twice since the last elections in 2009.

Under the agreement, the current parliament's term will be extended once again, but this time for just 11 months to prepare for elections under the new rules in May 2018.

The new law replaces the existing winner-takes-all voting system with proportional representation and reduces the number of electoral districts.

The MPs of the Kataeb Party, independent MP Butros Harb and MP Assem Qansou of the Baath Party voiced objections against the law.

Some civil society groups also stood up to protest near the legislature's building, arguing that proportional representation should be implemented in fewer and bigger districts in order to be effective.

The Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri called the law the "best we can do" facing the "existential crisis nike air max 95 LOW QUALITY PRODUCT ," calling on the government to open an extraordinary legislative session as soon as possible so that the legislature can "look into legislative issues and regain people's confidence".

Members of the International Support Group (ISG) for Lebanon welcomed the approval, saying it will be a further step towards normalization of the country's political life, according to a statement by them.

The ISG members also noted that it is important that technical delays are "dealt with effectively," and they are "willing to provide Lebanon with relevant technical assistance."

The International Support Group brings together the United Nations and the governments of China, France, Germany nike air max plus tn ultra LOW QUALITY PRODUCT , Italy, Russia, Britain and the United States, together with the European Union and the Arab League.

AIIB's 2nd annual meeting of governors kicks off to seek "sustainable infrastructure"

China opens new freight service to central, southern Asia

Landmark success of China's quantum experiment is far-reaching

People visit Wolong valley resort at Wuyuan County in east China

China successfully tests near-space flight of largest solar drone

Ancient tombs excavated in N China

Aerial view shows scenery in Hong Kong

Waxberry planting, fruit picking tours boost economy in China's Zhejiang

Combo photo shows a hoof-shaped gold ware (up nike air vapormax 2018 LOW QUALITY PRODUCT , L), gold cakes (up, R), a jade pendant (bottom, L) and a jade seal (bottom, R) unearthed from the 2 nike vapormax homme LOW QUALITY PRODUCT ,000-year-old tomb of Marquis of Haihun, who had a short-lived reign of 27 days as an emperor of Western Han Dynasty (206 BC -- 24 AD), in Nanchang, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province. A jade seal found in the interior coffin of the tomb helped identify its master as "Liu He", name of the Marquis of Haihun, who is also the grandson of Emperor Wu whose reign ushered in one of the most prosperous periods in China's history. Over 10 nike vapormax femme LOW QUALITY PRODUCT ,000 pieces of cultural relics were unearthed from the tomb during the 5-year-long excavation. (XinhuaWan Xiang)

BEIJING, March 2 (Xinhua) -- A jade seal found in the interior coffin of a 2,000-year-old tomb in east China's Jiangxi Province has helped identify its master as the Marquis of Haihun, who had a short-lived reign of 27 days as an emperor of Western Han Dynasty.

Xin Lixiang, head of the excavation expert panel of the Haihunhou Tomb, announced it at a press conference in the Beijing Capital Museum Wednesday.

The announcement also commenced a three-month show of more than 400 artifacts selected from over 10 nike air vapormax LOW QUALITY PRODUCT ,000 items unearthed from the tomb during the 5-year-long excavation.

Xin, who is one of China's most authoritative archeologists for the Qin and Han dynasties, said the research team found a seal of white jade at the waist position of the human remains.

The printing base is inscribed with the seal characters of "Liu He", name of the Marquis of Haihun, who is also the grandson of Emperor Wu whose reign ushered in one of the most prosperous periods in China's history.

People today nonetheless retain arguing more than what sort of service is greater, a cable or maybe a satellite Television connection? Really nike air max 97 undefeated LOW QUALITY PRODUCT , it really is incredible that this debate has dragged on for so extended now: it is been years since the winner has been apparent to me, and I just do not comprehend how so many persons have failed to notice the answer, as well. The reality is that, all things thought to be, a satellite Television subscription blows a cable subscription out of the water, in just about each and every detail. From programming selections to large definition material for the excellent of their customer support nike air max 97 femme LOW QUALITY PRODUCT , cable has been standing still while satellite has been careening into the long term.

Itís no surprise that satellite has far more channels than cable: thatís genuinely the one particular detail that everyone does appear to understand. But many men and women erroneously believe that this just suggests a satellite connection comes replete with tons of useless, uninteresting channels. How far from the truth that may be! You will discover a lot more neighborhood channels, as well as a lot more programming selections from abroad. Thereís a ton far more educational content on satellite than on cable, which means that if youíve got kids which you want to see discovering at the same time that they watch the tube, you are improved off with satellite. And do not forget about sports: cable sport packages are usually limited, not just regarding what video games are contemplated (seldom anything apart from the typical baseball nike air max 97 homme LOW QUALITY PRODUCT , ba. Custom no quality products CHINESE CRAP China   Wholesale CHINESE CRAP   Wholesale CHINESE CRAP Free Shipping   Wholesale CHINESE CRAP Cheap   Wholesale NCAA CHINESE CRAP China   Wholesale College CHINESE CRAP China   Wholesale NBA CHINESE CRAP From China   Wholesale NBA CHINESE CRAP Cheap   Wholesale Baseball CHINESE CRAP   Cheap NBA Basketball CHINESE CRAP


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