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#1 25-01-2019 11:06:05



Do you know what happened with the cryptocurrency market? The market capitalisation is really low now and it seems to me that investing in crypto is dangerous now. But well, it still can be profitable.


#2 25-01-2019 14:40:10


Re: Cryptocurrencies

Thanks for the information. Nevertheless, this is common knowledge that bitcoin and cryptocurrency on the whole improve people’s economic state. It gives us more economic freedom and we should use it as reasonable as we can!  I decide to play gambling dice and get more money


#3 07-03-2019 08:33:33


Re: Cryptocurrencies

Well on the flip side of cryptocurrency

- They can often vary in value +/- 50% or more in a month
- No traceability - looks like 99% of use is for criminal activities
- Erratic security - many cases of stolen cryptocurrency and no way to recover
- Plenty of cases of a forgotten password causing a total loss of money
- So complex, very few understand how it technically works

Some of these might be fixable, but the daily creation of some new speculative cryptocurrency further damages the credibility of these systems. Some industry was a natural fit for cryptocurrencies gambling.


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