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How to use a 中國 vpn 推薦

How to use a 中國 vpn 推薦

In fact, it is quite easy to start using a VPN. In most cases, the procedure is as follows:

We agree with one of the relevant companies to connect to the VPN;
Install the program program provided by our provider (company);

When the installation is complete, we can access the Internet as usual. The VPN will work.
Sometimes, you need to install an add-on in your browser instead of the program.

Alternatively, the VPN can be enabled in the browser. We have already mentioned that you can use a free VPN in the Opera browser. There, this option is enabled with just one click in the settings. Turned on — and everything works.

The process is simple and even an inexperienced PC user can handle it. Although, why only PC? Today, you can also use this feature on mobile devices running iOS and Android. In most cases, there are no difficulties when connecting a VPN today.


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