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Good fit and comfortable.  Jersey seems to be made well and for the price that's great! Like the small zip pocket in the back to.
   Wahid Elaz Beng
I read a previous review that they ran small.  I normally would order a large.  I ordered a  2x and it was perfect!
   Nick N Linda Angelone
Cool and comfortable, just what I wanted for hanging out around the house.
   Lexie Sackett
Some of the reviews on this say it is too thin and rips on the first wash.  Ive washed it twice and no signs of trouble in the fabric.  Its not high quality but its as good as you can reasonably expect for the price.
   Kyle Duffill
Works well (very colorful!).  Could be slightly warmer (but April in Chicago is cold, I probably would want it cooler later in the summer!)
   Kurt Michael Zafra

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