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it should be the better

At last the Gentleman resolv'd to be thoroughly plain with her, Carbon monoxide detector and accordingly told her, without any Varnish of Words or Shadow of Disguise, that he was fully resolv'd to marry; but that he would not abandon her to Misery or Distress; but would settle such a Pension on her, as might support her in a decent, honest Way of Living; and that he would likewise take Care to provide for her Daughter, in giving her such a Portion as might marry her to some honest Tradesman in a good Station of Life; and with this he charged her to be content, without meddling with him in his married State, but live retir'd, vertuously and modestly, and it should be the better for her and her Daughter.

The Creature being thus provoked, fell into violent Words and Actions; told him, That he shew'd his Falshood and Baseness too late, he having put his Person and Fortune out of his own Power, and into hers; Standalone Smoke detector wherefore she would take care of herself, by securing both to her own Advantage. Being thus stung to the Quick, he left her House in great Vexation of Spirit: And in the midst of his Fury, went forthwith and shot himself.

This was the fatal End which his Lewdness and Folly brought upon him! This was the Conclusion of his guilty Embraces! Thus a filthy Strumpet shewed herself in her Colours! And thus was he bullied out of his Estate, Life, and Honour; his Life lost, his Debts unpaid, his Estate devour'd by a lewd Harlot! A very fatal Warning to all unwary Gentlemen.

I suppose, Madam, you cannot imagine, that his Death affected me much as a Lover, there being but little of that in the Story; but one must have been without Humanity, to be unconcern'd at such an Accident, and not have borne some part in his Mother's Affliction; especially since the good Gentlewoman had pitch'd upon me amongst all her Acquaintance, for so near an Alliance. I could not omit reflecting on Job and Tobit, as if the Almighty had permitted some Satan, or Asmodas to persecute me in the Persons of all that pretended to love or like me. Which way soever it was, I endeavour'd to be resign'd; this being the Duty of a Christian in all Conditions. GSM Alarm System However, it contributed to make me the more despise the World, with all its gaudy Trappings: Wireless Smoke Detectors or, perhaps, with the Fox, thought the Grapes sowre, because I could not reach them. The Truth is, I had found so many Disappointments, that I began to be displeas'd at my-self, for hoping or expecting any thing that tended to Happiness: Gas Detector Alarm I thought with Mrs. Phillips,

If with some Pleasure we our Griefs betray,

It costs us dearer than we can repay:

For Time or Fortune, all Things so devours,

???Our Hopes are cross'd,

???Or else the Object lost,

???E'er we can call it ours.

Which indeed was always so with me, not only in this, but in all other Enterprizes and Transactions of Life: I could hope nothing, propose nothing, but I was cross'd or disappointed therein, e'er I could arrive at Accomplishment. Therefore, Madam, you need not think it strange that I began to believe Providence had ordain'd for me a Single Life. Began, did I say? No, rather continued in that Sentiment ever since the Disappointment of Bosvil. And I think here are a few Lines something tending to that Subject:
A Virgin Life.

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Alex Jolie

Re: it should be the better

The better is always doing the thing most appropriate for you. Don't try to take the things which is difficult because it increases the difficulty local internet providers . It is better to do things which is able to handle without increasing difficulty.

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